Investment and Retirement Planning

Investment and Retirement Planning

Investment planning remains a critical pillar of financial independence. We’ll start by determining your optimal mix of assets based on when you’ll need your money and how you feel about risk. Then we’ll recommend a specific investment plan to get you there.  Do you know how much you need for retirement? We’ll help you figure it out.

Investment planning

We will review your current retirement and non-retirement asset allocations to ensure they correspond to your risk tolerance and overall long-term financial goals, then make recommendations for re-balancing your investments to align with your goals.

Investment Management

Most individuals do not understand how to effectively manage their investments, do not have enough experience, or base decisions on emotional reactions instead of sound management.  We will review your current investment asset allocations and assist you with managing current investment contributions including allocating your available funds between retirement, non-retirement, and other needs.

Portfolio Rebalancing

Based on the gains and losses with certain investments over recent years your portfolio may be out of balance with your risk tolerance and financial goals.  We will complete an evaluation of your total portfolio to determine where you may need to rebalance your current investments.

Retirement Planning

We will review your current retirement sources of funding including funds you have accumulated in employer retirement accounts, traditional and Roth IRA accounts, defined benefit plans, social security, annuities, and any other investments earmarked for retirement to ensure you are on track to accomplish your retirement income goals.

Retirement capital needs analysis

Retirement capital is the amount of funds needed by the time you retire to ensure you do not run out of money in your lifetime.  We will help you figure out how much capital you will need to accumulate for retirement that will be used to fund your monthly expenses.

Social security review

The timing of your Social Security decision to start claiming payments is unique to each individual, or couple. We’ll recommend an appropriate strategy for you and/or your spouse to maximize your lifetime benefits based on the most likely conditions and revise your plan as facts change.

Retirement Savings Withdrawal Strategy

Once you have accumulated what you believe to be sufficient retirement capital to meet your needs for the rest of your life, then you will need to establish a withdrawal strategy to ensure the funds last.  We can help you decide how much you can withdraw each year and set up a plan to adjust the amount based on multiple factors.

Pension optimization

The defined benefit plans of the past where the employer shouldered the financial risk of ensuring you had periodic payments during retirement have given way to the employee shouldering most of the financial risk for retirement funding.  However, if you’re fortunate enough to have an employer pension, we’ll help you determine what to do with the payments including the best annuity options to meet your needs.

Are You Ready For Retirement?

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