Financial Planning

There are many aspects to financial planning that we can help you with throughout your lifetime to meet changing needs.   Your goals of maintaining, or improving your financial situation can be accomplished with our guidance.

Housing review

Many individuals are not sure if they should rent or buy, or how much of a mortgage you can afford.  We can run the numbers and discuss non-financial issues regarding a buy versus lease decision.  If you decide to buy a house, then we can help you determine how much house you can afford as well as the process to accomplish your goal.

College investment planning

Higher education is an important accomplishment for maximizing lifetime earnings for you and your family in many cases.  We will help you with the best options for financing a college education including the investment choices and savings vehicles.

Cash flow analysis and budgeting

A better understanding of where your money is going and how much you are spending helps you maximize the funds available for long term savings and comfortable living.  We will review your monthly budget and your financial goals, then help you balance all of your competing financial needs into an overall strategy.

Emergency Fund

Every good financial plan starts with a base of a fund that will finance emergencies.  We will show you how to incorporate a short-term and long-term emergency funding plan into your overall financial goals.

Continuous financial planning support

A quality financial plan includes a monitoring process and review schedule.  We offer semi-annual meetings, annual review meetings, and on demand availability to help you through any decisions that may arise during the year.



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